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5.0 rating
  • MODEL: CD-300/400
    • Genuine MUSTANG 12V/24V multifunction battery charger
    • Max. 240A jump start function for immediate vehicle starting
    • Accidental reverse polarity protection
    • Convenient ammeter to display charge rate and charging status
    • Ideal for charging cars, ATV, boat, tractor and truck batteries
    • Suitable for lead-acid and GEL batteries
    • Fast/slow charge settings for safe reliable charging
    • Lightweight and portable, quality construction and reliability
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The MUSTANG Single Phase Battery Charger has landed and is fast becoming the most demanded multifunction battery charger on the market. Ideal for home and professional use, keep your battery performing at its best with this advanced battery charger that guarantees reliability and optimum performance.

The MUSTANG Battery Charger/ Jump Starter packs a serious punch, delivering a massive 240A cranking amps and up to 40 Amps continuous charging, making it ideal for battery maintenance, workshops and the ultimate jump start for any vehicle. Revive flat batteries in seconds!

The MUSTANG Multifunction Charger/STARTER features both 12V & 24V charging coupled with a convenient ammeter to display the charge rate and charge status of your battery.

Suitable for lead-acid and GEL batteries, with built in protection for accidental reverse polarity and a fast/slow charge setting for safe reliable charging.

Don't be left behind by using other inferior products, MUSTANG battery chargers are the premium choice!

How to determine your battery's charging time?
Charging Time = Battery capacity (Ah) divided by Charging Current minus losses. e.g - A 100Ah battery will take approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge (allowing for 20% efficiency loss).


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