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  • MODEL: GHP30
    • Genuine 13HP High Pressure Gasoline Water Pump
    • Class Leading Flow Rate of 40,000Litres/Hour
    • Serious Pressure with a Huge 80m Head
    • Anti-Corrosive alloy pump housing, high performance of seals
    • 80mm (3") Inlet / Outlet 1x50mm (3”) 
    • Solid impeller for durability, Gearless direct drive
    • Low maintenance, Low oil alert system
    • Ideal for Residential/Commercial Use
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The PUMPRO 13HP 3Inch High Pressure Gasoline Engine Pump is becoming the most demanded portable pump solution for daily life and fire-fighting duties. This water pump series will provide outstanding performance for general water pumping applications. Whether it's for heavy duty cleaning, irrigating the garden, filling tanks or fire-fighting, you'll be amazed with the versatility and performance of the PROMPRO 13HP Gasoline Engine High pressure Water Pump.


This commercial series features 50mm inlet/outlets, flowing an impressive 40,000 Liters/hour with a lift of 80m; coupled with a powerful DECAPOWER 389cc 4-stroke engine, transferring water up slope or to a second, third or fourth story now takes less setup time and half the fuss. A convenient sized 6.5L fuel tank means it can run for 3 hours on a single fill (load dependent).


Genuine PUMPRO Water Pump Advantage:

Efficient and powerful - with its centrifugal pump and superior twin impeller design, pump discharge loss is reduced. The suction entry on both sides of the impeller provides axial balance to the impeller, which offers full range pump performance linear to engine throttle.

Prolonged engine life - the low oil alert alarm will stop the engine when oil is insufficient to avoid damage to the engine.

Low vibration, less noise - housed within a protective tubular steel easy carry frame, these units feature 3x anti-vibration mount points.


Make no mistake, PUMPRO are the industry leaders with unparalleled quality comparable to other water pump units - We statement an extensive 1 Year Warranty!


Want a reliable, transportable, fast pumping solution for an unbeatable price?



PUMPRO- the leader in pump innovation.


  • MODEL: GHP30
  • TYPE: Self-priming, high pressure
  • Water pump Inlet: 1x80mm (3”)
  • Water pump Outlet: 1x80mm (3”)
  • Discharge Flow Capacity: 40,000 Liters/hour
  • Max. Delivery Lift (Head): 80m
  • Max. Suction Height: 7m

  • Accessories included: Complete set of hose connectors

  • Powered by 13HP Gasoline Engine (4-stroke,OHV, Air-cooled)
  • Engine Oil Type: 10W-30/ 10W-40/ 15W-30 non-synthetic engine oil
  • Engine Max. Output: 7.0HP / 3600rpm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.5L
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.1L
  • Carton Weight:45kg
  • Carton Dimensions: 570x480x560mm
  • Product Weight: 44kg
  • Product Dimensions: 560x470x535mm