Review about XTRAMIG-200 SYN


Here my findings about the welding machine as promised:



When unboxing the 4 in one weld apparatus **Mig, Mag, MMA and DC Tig lift**, the control buttons and the large screen are an eye catcher. It's a synergetic welding machine with pre-configured adjustments to different types of material to weld, the thickness and the choice for different types of welding gas. In the box we have everything for MMA welding, a welding torch MB15 equipped with a liner for aluminum welding, the necessary accessories for the torch and a user manual. Not a Tig Torch.

Powering on the welding machine and start directly to manage the selection menus, they are clear and easy to navigate, a real pleasure. 

We started the setup of the machine for iron/steel welding *Mag* connecting a suitable torch of our own (the one delivered with the machine was equipped with a liner for aluminium welding). 
Welding iron and steel was really great, from thin plate to thicker material no problem at all, both manually and synergistic for new material. When we used contaminated metal, paint rust galvanized etc. with minor cleaning the synergetic mode was not very useful to many correction needed, on manual mode  for the more experienced welder no problem. 

Welding *Mig* stainless steel went smooth and we even could weld up to 3mm thickness.  
MMA welding went very well the hotstart, anti-stitching and arcforce worked perfectly, best result with a rutile welding rod of diameter 2.5 (6013).  

About the Tig part goes according to expectations, welding sheet  and construction steel/metal just went fine, the XTRAMIG TIG is particularly suitable for spot welding of very thin sheet.    

Before we could start with welding aluminium we had to connect the torch with the Aluminium -liner to the device, the steel conductor in the Euro connector has to be removed.  The Mig welding of aluminum is overall good with a comment on making a long weld from one piece, because of the heat build-up in the aluminum work piece, “in the absence of a pulse function present on the device” one must be careful to avoid holes in the work piece.  Aluminum welding up to 2mm is best possible for short welds.  
When welding for a longer period of time at higher amperage, it is best to connect the XTRAMIG to an electrical line equipped with a fuse with a rating of 20 amps.  

First conclusion on short-term effect:

The XTRAMIG is extremely suitable for car bodywork and to weld thin steel/metal material. Meets for the construction steel/metal. Aluminium welding has its limitations.
The XTRAMIG until here can be a recommendation for the novice welder as well as the hobbyist.  For the professional welder, the XTRAMIG can be suitable for small jobs and repairs.  

The device with its capabilities is located in the middle segment from the market today and the range there is large with a lot of competition.

From: The PowerUP Crew  2020-12-14 19:37:46

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